Monday, January 20, 2014

TurnUp for Dr. King, King Cake & Kings of Auditions

It's Martin Luther King's...Holiday!
Always on the third...Monday!
Of which month?...January!
Celebrate! Celebrate! Celebrate!
     That was our mantra for today's Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr.  event as I led an edutaining good time with adults and children, complete with Stevie Wonder's Happy Birthday salute. 
     With the use of world music, folklore, and dance, and a theme of being fair for all people, we were able to turn up in King's honor.  I'm sure Dr. King would have approved of turning things up in the name of freedom, justice, and equality. We had various ages, races, and religions enjoying each other without judgment.  Well, I did judge that child in the loud-smelling diaper a little, but I made up for it by leaving him an activity booklet.  Download your very own  MLK booklet compliments of yours truly.
       I'm sure you are wondering when our next public event will be so you can enjoy a cake as fancy as the one pictured here.  Wonder no more when you register for a Marvelous Mardi Gras Mask-Making workshop with the master herself, Lynn Ruehlmann on Saturday, February 1, 2013 from 12 noon to 2:00pm.  In order to prepare for our upcoming Mardi Gras at the Museum performance,  Atumpan-The Talking Drums has enlisted the professional expertise of Lynn Ruehlmann.  We will have a fantastic time creating masks and eating King Cake as we all hope to find the baby in our piece of cake.  Per tradition, winner of the baby determines the host of next year's Mardi Gras party so good luck in advance!  If you are looking to score discount tickets for the Mardi Gras at the Museum performance, then it helps to know people like us in high places.
    Speaking of festivities, please [insert fanfare here] as I release long-awaited results of the judges' tallies.  Our auditions for people to perform in the Mardi Gras at the Museum generated a swarm of interest, yet only 6 performers and 2 alternates could be slated.   Performers are listed by score and a 3-way tie landed us with 9 performers (lead dances) and 3 alternates (accessory dances). 
CONGRATULATIONS to the following people.
Score of 15(top score) to 14: Sequoia S., Yaani E., Senait B.
Score of 13.8 to 13:  Tequila T., Anaiyah E, Destinee H ., Crystal S., Kideste W., Nhyjah S.  
Alternates:  Amelia, Brooklynn, Christiana

Friday, January 17, 2014

20 Years Without Vision Makes Things Clear

     The wildly successful onstage production of Harambe for the Holidays filled 600 of the 642 seats of the historic Attucks Theatre on Thursday, December 26, 2013.  The theatrical explanation of Kwanzaa was complete with a talented cast of actors, dancers, singers and Corey the Talented Blind Guy himself.  Surely it was a fantastic way for Atumpan-The Talking Drums to end another busy and productive year. 
    If we're talking about Harambe for the Holidays, what's up with The Path to Freedom picture?  This year, Corey the Talented Blind Guy has been without sight for 20 years.  Rather than muddle in the significant loss that he has experienced, we aim to make this year our best yet. Before the last production could finish, the Hurrah Players made sure that Corey the Talented Blind Guy was working on their latest commission for him - to provide a script for their 2013-2014 season.  How do you say anything but "Yes, of course" to Virginia's Leading Family Theater when they boast such an amazing 30 year track record? 

     As Corey's wife, I am still the 19 year old beauty that he remembers seeing when we dated eons ago, and I am still the boss.  Not a whole lot has changed there. We are both appreciative of the support of folks like yourself throughout our onstage and community, and encourage you to keep up the good work!   Always check our calendar to stay up to date on the fun.  Join us at the Hurrah Players' Perry Family Theater on February 7, 8, & 9 to start our best year yet!

     Okay, back to Harambe for the Holidays. Here are REVIEWS from attendees:

"This was the best organized and performed Kwanzaa I've ever been to.  The program flowed well with the dancers, and the storytelling, and the songs from those children were wonderful."

"Just THANK YOU for allowing us to enjoy this event with all of you! I know my niece and I will never forget it! "

"It was such a joy to watch and celebrate Kwanzaa at the Attucks theatre. Keep up the great work."

     And now, the moment you've been waiting for is here!  A slideshow of some of the Highlights from Harambe for the Holidays for your viewing pleasure with video clips soon to come.