Tuesday, May 27, 2014

Wild Out Wednesdays are HERE

     Wild Out Wednesdays are here, compliments of Atumpan and the endless edutainment they offer.  The assistant choreographer for Atumpan is VCU dance major Fannese Britton who lends her Zumba certification to helping YOU get your best beach body before its too late.  
     As with Atumpan African Dance classes, all ages will dance together from 6:30pm-7:30pm so bring your friends and family.  If you don't register early, just show up and pay in class.

If you're wondering what good a beach body does if you won't be hanging out there this summer, then have no fear, the answers are here:
  • Enjoy walking up and down stairs, hills, and through theme parks without tiring
  • Reinstate your New Year's Resolution to 'get it together' in only four easy weeks
  • Learn dance fundamentals during warm up sessions as a perk
  • Feel like the dancers in this video and say 'I can do that with my eyes closed'
We hope to see you at the Attucks Theatre tomorrow or an upcoming Wednesday...

Thursday, May 8, 2014

Atumpan African Dance Honors Nelson Mandela

      The wind blew across the savannah plains and elephants trumpeted in the background as villagers gathered to celebrate the arts in creative ways.  Young and old were in love and respect of one another as Atumpan African Dance graced the plains in colorful garb to perform West African and South African dance.  The South African song, Siyahamba, was in tribute to the late great Nelson Mandela as we embrace his legacy of acceptance and equality for all people.
      Okay, so the savannah plains were actually the Field Stage area of the Norfolk Zoo, but there really were elephants (quietly) hanging out in the background.  The event was hosted by Young Audiences of VA, one of our favorite arts-in-education companies, entitled Arts are Wild.  We had load of fun performing and enjoying the puppet shows, folk music, and colonial dances of other artists as well as the authors and books there to promote  the joys of reading. 
      Join us sometime for ongoing classes suitable for all ages at the Attucks Theatre in Norfolk, or for onsite educational programming related to antibullying, world literature, and history.

Wednesday, May 7, 2014

BEST Blind Man's Bluff - Highlights from Spring Break Performance Camp

      Disability awareness was the focus of the original play script written by Corey the Talented Blind Guy for the Performance Camp hosted by Atumpan.  Campers enjoyed the rotation of classes for theater/acting, props/set design, and choreography/step in order to perform Three Blind Mice On-Site for parents, Crispus Attucks Cultural Center board members, as well as community walk-ins.  Loads of creative fun for teens, tweens, and jumping beans for sure. 

     Even though camp is over, performance opportunities with Atumpan are ongoing.  This memorial day weekend will be our fifth year opening the 24th Annual Umoja Fest in Portsmouth, VA.  If you want to join us, sign up to AUDITION as we engage the audience in world music, folklore, and dance!