Friday, September 4, 2015

S.A.Y. What?

     Okay, so its not an official event on our 2015-2016 Season of Events, but the S.A.Y. Festival, aka an intense block party of professional entertainers, is one of the events happening at the beginning of another season of art and education with Atumpan.  This event is FREE and open to the public, with local talent and a whole lot of educational fun.  The S.A.Y. Festival is a great way to plug into local classes, movements, and arts organiztions, especially since it occurs in one of Norfolk's newest arts districts.

     The events listed on Atumpan's season are usually several opportunities for fans, friends, and future favorites to enjoy free, interactive programming.  Although the S.A.Y. Festival didn't fit into the short list of Atumpan's, it is definitely the place to be for all things arts related.  The acronym stands for scholars, arts, and youth festival, but the cool thing is that most performers are scholars in the arts who were exposed to dance, music, poetry, debates, theatre, and other forms of art as a youth not very long ago.

     If you can't attend the S.A.Y. Festival, rest assured that there are endless events to ignite your inner thespian or laureate or whatever is churning inside of you creatively.  This is just the beginning of our season, and we hope you awaken your inner artist when you join us.  Our last season finished strong with the stage play, Three Blind Mice: Against All Odds, produced by the Hurrah Players.  We led up to the Three Blind Mice with a Drumathon and finished with a dinner theatre to make others aware of the different abilities that we all possess.  Different abilities were the running theme of the play and Kelly's Choice, which supports the caregivers' community, was a participating sponsor.
     Here's a glimpse of the 2 hour mini-festival that included face paint, hula hoops (complete with a professional hooper), farmer's market, corn-hole, information booths (thanks to our sponsors, Kelly's Choice, Inc., Arthur Lopez of Drum Your Dream, and a local NAACP chapter), and of course, we had DRUMS!  Enjoy the video; photos were taken buy Michael Edmonds of Edmonds Fotografia, and we hope to see you in a dance or drum class.