Saturday, March 28, 2020

“Men vs Women:  Who Are the Better Listeners?”

Are you struggling to get your children to pay attention to you?  Are

you in a relationship with someone who never seems to listen?  If so,

this story is for you. 

Atumpan Edutainment’s teaching artists and co-founders, Corey the Talented Blind Guy and LaQuita Marie, talk about the difference between hearing and listening, provide tips to help you to create better listeners in your relationships, and tell you the Nigerian folktale of why turtles have

bald heads thanks to Ijapa the Turtle who never paid attention to others around him.


Wednesday, March 18, 2020

Coronavirus: Class is Still on With Atumpan Dance Theatre

On Wednesday, March 18, 2020 from 6:00pm-7:00pm here is the dance theatre class schedule at the Fred Heutte Center.  There will be 3 stations set up: a music station, a cornhole station, and a garden tour station.  These stations will help us to build the part of the Successful Day of Fishing Script where the lazy character Sassouma tries to get out of doing any work when she goes fishing with Sogolon.

Music Station:  Sassouma claims she can't help make fishing baskets because she her hands are cramped.

  • Challenge:  What do cramped hands feel like?
  • Play the dununs for 1 minute without stopping then the djembe for 1 minute without stopping.
  • Record on the activity card what your hands feel like.
Cornhole Station:  Sassouma claims she can't cut the reeds because has a bad back.

  • Challenge:  How do you feel when you have a bad back?
  • Play cornhole first on one foot, next on your knees, then squatting down
  • Record on the activity card how a person with a bad back feels
Garden Tour Station:  Sassouma claims she will suffer for Sogolon if Sogolon is hurt while swimming out to place fishing traps

  • Challenge:  Is suffering different in different cases?
  • Play
    a frikywa bell while hopping through the hilly area of the garden,
    power walking around the walkway, and jogging around 3 trees (or
    climbing one)
  • Record on the activity card if there was any suffering with any of the activities