Wednesday, December 11, 2013

Last Chance for Love...

     This is your last chance for loving the best of this holiday's onstage talents.  It seems as though I was just encouraging you all to buy a ticket and get a ticket free to Hurrah for the Holidays and Harambe for the Holidays, but things just got really interesting for the audience every since they appointed ME a microphone.   
       You read that right, folks, Mrs. LaQuita  Can'tCarryATuneInABucket Marie Staten has a microphone taped to her person. 
       So, fellow art and theater lovers, I make a final appeal to you to GET YOUR TICKETS!
<a href="" title="Click to save this recipe. Powered by ZipList.">Holiday Chex Mix: Cinnaberrynut</a>
      I'm sure you're wondering what to feed Santa after getting into the holiday spirit with all of the theatrics by yours truly.  As a food fanatic, I have the answer and I promise not to bully you into using the best recipe of 2013. 
      The recipe is so simple and SO DELICIOUS that even jolly old St. Nick will rave about it.  I always encourage whole foods and clean eating, but the truth is, my favorite food group is sugar.  Alas, I have found a crowd-pleasing, lunch box-stuffing, midnight-snacking recipe that will satisfy all palates. 
       I'm sharing my secrets with you, my favorite people.  I call it Cinnaberrynut and the ingredients are all items you may already have, plus the ingredients can be used for future edible goodness.  You be the happy judge. 

Thursday, December 5, 2013

Holiday Show BOGO

       It's time to get in the holiday spirit with onstage merriment, enhanced by yours truly. As if its not enough fun to be in one of the most popular holiday shows in Virginia, I have the pleasure of being a part of another amazing show in the same month. Phew!
       Rehearsal schedules are energizing with all of the singing and dancing and holiday cheer, not to mention the constant snacking on cupcakes and chocolates and fruit and chips and dip and lots of other whole food goodness.  With the large cast in Hurrah for the Holidays, someone always brings birthday treats and with myself providing the mid-sized cast of Harambe for the Holidays with all sorts of goodies, we will be loosening our belts to fit into costumes.
       Be sure to buy your ticket to the Hurrah Players' show and reserve your free ticket to Atumpan's show for the best of the holidays this year!
       In case you're wondering what all of the fuss may be regarding chips and dip, then you need to come hang out with Atumpan-The Talking Drums (aka Corey the Talented Blind Guy and LaQuita Marie).  I have loved to eat since I was born and I currently have very few limits; insects are my limits, but grubs are tough to imagine also.  I even eat food I don't like, such as Brussels sprouts and green olives, because after all, they are good foods. 
       Therefore, I aim to prepare and share foods that I really enjoy and that others will easily enjoy too.  One such pleasing platter is an easy queso dip.  Who knew that you could easily make your own queso dip using whole foods (aka real food).  Me, LaQuita Marie, that's who. 
       Folks line up like crackers and chips at a dip-diving contest when I break out the queso.  In the holiday spirit of giving, I'm happy to share this simple recipe.  ENJOY!