Tuesday, October 4, 2022

How to Make Potato Salad | Easy Crowd Pleaser



 In this episode we give a recipe and tutorial on how to make an easy potato salad with ingredients that most people already have. 

The nutritional information is included as well as taste tests and reviews. 



0:00 Goals Intro 

 0:13 Potatoes Health Benefits & Nutrition 

0:23 Vegan or Plant-based Eggs 

 0:43 Folate in Potatoes Health Benefits & Nutrition 

 0:55 Curry Powder Health Benefits & Nutrition 1:00 Tofu (Super Firm For Meaty Texture) Health Benefits & Nutrition 1:41 Onions Health Benefits & Nutrition 1:53 Black Salt Health Benefits & Nutrition 2:00 Taste Test & Review 2:06 Please Like, Share, & Subscribe Outro #PlantBased #Vegan90 #Eggs BLIND GUY HIS WIFE SOCIAL SPACES   WEBSITE:  https://www.BlindGuyHisWife.com

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